Nice promotion for the swedish indie rockers "Shout Out Louds". They produced 10 limited-edition kits that make functional records out of frozen water for their new single "Blue Ice". Not only the song title fits the concept, but also the content of the song. It's about fading love.

It's almost three years old, but still a great idea. A piece of hardware that informs the local customers about the freshest bakery. Very simple but extremly useful.

The Your Music School is a school for vocal education in Hamburg. To generate more applicants for the school‘s vocal coaching courses we developed a new website. But what is so special about it? The website can be navigated without a mouse but by using one‘s own voice. The eight menu items on the navigation are arranged on a scale. By singing the appropriate notes one can directly hit the desired menu item. The result: the users can inform themselves about the school in a playfully way. The resulting fun led to an increase in notifications by almost 30 percent.